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I have been a fan of adventure travel for quite a few years.   About fifteen years ago I read an article about the Hunza Valley and the Karakoram Highway and had always envisaged cycling in tha...

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Why Travelpak


As you can clearly see we specialise in Pakistan. Being a specialist means we know it really well. And that means you have the peace of mind you’re with someone who knows the country, the people and the culture like no-one else.

Statistics show that many people want to experience the people and the culture in an upfront and personal way. TravelPak do just that. How? Because we are Pakistanis ourselves, fiercely proud of our country and passionate about showing everyone the real Pakistan.

With our unique set of family and friends the length and breadth of the country, we can show you Pakistan in a way no others can.
TravelPak is a family run business set up by our managing director, Sohail Azhar. It was after travelling through the Northern Areas in 2003 when Sohail, fascinated by the place, felt compelled to tell anyone who would listen about a side of Pakistan few knew about. Not only was he struck by the sheer beauty of the place but also touched by the the warmth of the people everywhere he went.

In the post 9/11 years he was aware that the already fragile tourist industry had suffered greatly. Yet, it had so much to offer, most of all the fact that it was untouched by mass tourism and you were highly unlikely to meet any one else on your journey. Being a British Pakistani and proud of his roots, he also wanted to educate visitors about Pakistani culture and history and dispel the many untruths and myths often heard in the West.

One of the most unique aspects of our service is that on many of the trips you have a British Pakistani accompanying you for the duration of your trip so you have the perfect conduit between the western and eastern cultures. Someone who speaks fluent Urdu and yet understands completely the western enquiring mind.

Put that together and you have a personalised trip that you can’t get anywhere else and one that you will never forget. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Please read our testimonials and make up your own mind. If you would like to speak to any of our previous clients then please do ask and we’ll be happy to make contact.


Working for a better Pakistan


Not only that but we also go many steps further. Over the years we have built up many valued relationships with NGOs and charities that work in Pakistan. Sohail has guided on three fundraising treks for The Citizen’s Foundation ( and he is also an ambassador for Care Pakistan ( On many of the trips that take in Lahore, we will try and visit one of the schools that have been built and managed by CARE.  


We have volunteered after disasters and raised vital funds over the years for Pakistan mobilising freinds and family wherever and whenever needed. Given that Pakistan still has a long way to go, we will always continue to do so.



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