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I have been a fan of adventure travel for quite a few years.   About fifteen years ago I read an article about the Hunza Valley and the Karakoram Highway and had always envisaged cycling in tha...

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  • Pakistan's Pagan Valley

    Pakistan's Pagan Valley

    Men's Journal, June 2013 


    An article about the recent Kalash Spring Festival of Joshi.


    Wriiten by the co-author of the Lonely planet guide to Pakistan, Paul Clammer who refers to us as 'the well connected tour operator'


    Thanks Paul, we like that!

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  • K2 Calling

    K2 Calling

    Trek and Mountain Magazine, April 2013


    A great personal piece from Pakistani blogger Danial Shah about finally getting to the 'throneroom of the mountain gods' 

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  • The Happy Valleys

    The Happy Valleys

    Geographical, March 2013


    In 2013, we were the only tour operator that made it to the Kalash Festival of Joshi. Lucky for us that we had world renowned travel photojournalist, Steve Davey with us to capture some amazing footage as well as pen a great article about the Kalash for Geographical - the prestigious publication of The Royal Geographical Society. 


    Hope you enjoy it!


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  • Pakistani Adventure

    Pakistani Adventure

    Emel Magazine, December 2012


    Great to see that our History and Culture Tours are getting the coverage they deserve.


    This article covers one of our trips that takes in the archaeological site of Mohenjo-daro, the amazing Sufi shrines in Multan, the Cholistan Desert and the magnificent Mughal architecture of Lahore to name a few

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  • It's all Greek in Pakistan

    It's all Greek in Pakistan

    The Sunday Times, Sep 2012


    Steve Davey's picture made it to the first page of the Sunday Times travel section. This was taken on our photography trip of The Kalash Spring Festival in May 2012.

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  • Saints and Singers in Pakistan's Punjab

    Saints and Singers in Pakistan's Punjab

    The Guardian, May 2012


    A new tour of Pakistan's Punjab province offers mystical culture, amazing food and friendly homestays

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  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost

    Seven: The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Feb 2012


    When Peter Oborne first arrived in Pakistan. he expected a 'savage' backwater scarred by terrorism. Years later. he describes the Pakistan that is barely documented - and that he came to fall in love with.

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  • Karimabad - Pakistan's Shangri-la

    Karimabad - Pakistan's Shangri-la

    Lady Adventurer, May 2011

    Jini Reddy's final installment on the sublime village of Karimabad, Hunza

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  • Kalasha: Happiest People in Pakistan?

    Kalasha: Happiest People in Pakistan?

    CNN GO, Mar 2011


    The second of Jini’s articles about the fascinating Kalasha people, located in three valleys near Chitral, KP.


    Online version only:

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  • Exploring The Real Pakistan

    Exploring The Real Pakistan
    Time Out Magazine, Nov 2010


    Jini Reddy takes on a journey that many advised against, to the Karakoram Mountains of North Pakistan, especially after the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history.


    Find out how she got on:

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  • The Country That Fell off The Map

    The Country That Fell off The Map 

    Wanderlust Magazine, Jan 2009


    Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor of Wanderlust was part of the TravelPak media trip in August 2007. Publication was on hold for one year after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.


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  • Room for a View

    Room for a View 

    TNT Magazine, June 2008


    Amy Adams, Travel Editor of TNT magazine visited Pakistan with TravelPak in August 2007. This was her second article about the trekking she experienced.

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  • Karakoram Dreaming

    Karakoram Dreaming 

    TNT Magazine, October 2007


    Amy Adams, Travel Editor of TNT magazine visited Pakistan in August 2007 shortly after the Lal Masjid incident. Read about her experiences

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  • Out of the Rubble

    Out of the Rubble

    The Guardian, 17 October 2006


    One year on from Pakistan's devastating earthquake, Antonia Windsor wanted to do her bit to help the country's tourism industry get back on its feet - and discovered a friendly and beautiful country in the process....

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  • Pakistan Unveiled

    Pakistan Unveiled 

    The Guardian, 4 March 2006


    To get to the remote Kalash spring festival, you first have to negotiate spectacular walls of ice and epic mountain passes...

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  • Walking back to happiness

    Walking back to happiness 

    The Guardian, 21 Feb 2004


    The Foreign Office says it's all right to go there. It's 50 years since the first ascent of K2. And even the Indian cricket team is about to play in Pakistan again. Insight Guide editor Tony Halliday reports on a country coming in from the cold....

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  • Hot foot back to Karakoram

    Hot foot back to Karakoram 

    The Observer, 1February 2004


    The awe-inspiring mountains of northern Pakistan's Karakoram region are open to British tourists again now that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is no longer warning against travel to the country.


    Tour operators are now offering holidays to Pakistan following a change of FCO advice last month which has dissuaded travellers for the past three years. 

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  • Carry on up the Khyber

    Carry on up the Khyber 

    The Guardian, 22 April 2000


    When he was last here, as a callow reporter, war and politics obstructed the view. Now, as a tourist, Peter Preston finds he has become an honoured guest.


    "What's changed? Everything and nothing..."

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