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For anyone remotely interested in history and archaeology this was 15 days of wonderful visits.  My highlight was the visit to Moenjodaro, achieving a long-held ambition to visit one of the firs...

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The nature of Pakistan’s geography is such that it has a rich diversity of bird habitats from the dry alpine and moist temperate forests of the western Himalayas to the deserts of Baluchistan and Sind. The Indus basin is extensively irrigated and cultivated, providing a variety of man-made habitats. This diversity of habitats supports a wide variety of bird species, and some 669 have been recorded.


More than 60% of the country is Palaearctic in character, with a steppic dry montane habit, and is very different from the rest of the Indian Subcontinent.


Pakistan also lies at the crossroads for bird migration. In autumn and spring, birds pass through in vast numbers and great variety, mainly heading to and from the Indian subcontinent, but also to East Africa. Many species also stop over to spend the winter in the country.


This tour explores the areas around the capital, Islamabad and the foothills of the Himalayas.


Overnight flight from the UK

Day 1. Arrive in Islamabad

Day 2. Rawal Lake, Islamabad

Day 3. Margalla Hills, Islamabad

Day 4. Margala Hills, Islamabad

Day 5. Nathiagali

Day 6. Nathiagali

Day 7. Shogran

Day 8. Shogran

Day 9. Departures

Or for those of you who just can't get enough

Day 9. The Kaghan Valley

Day 10. The Kaghan Valley

Day 11. The Kaghan Valley

Day 12. Islamabad

Day 13. Departures


Download the detailed trip plan which contains some more information about the types of birds that are typically seen on this trip



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